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Lincoln Little Re/Groups

When the pandemic hit, many businesses closed down, but essential businesses had to remain open. Anne Brandt, Executive Director of Lincoln Littles, notes that 75% of Lincoln, Nebraska parents with kids under the age of six are both working parents. For this reason, she considers child care essential and knew that these parents needed child care centers to stay open as well as entrusted them to keep their children safe.

Re/Visit with El Chaparro

Cindy Ortega-Sanchez and the Ortega family have missed seeing all of their regular customers, but are excited to have safely opened their doors to the community and welcome everyone back.


Re/Invest with Onyx Piercing

As the owner of Onyx Piercing Studio, Matt Bavougian made the decision to close his shop even before the State of Nebraska and Lincoln-Lancaster County Public Health Department issued directed health measures in March of 2020. He agrees that this was the right choice for our community at the time. Matt has always been passionate about health and safety in his profession and this pandemic was no exception. He has spent much of his career developing safety laws, protocols, and guidelines for the piercing industry.

Re/Commit with Kawasaki

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit in March of 2020, Kawasaki executive Jim Townsend saw the effects of COVID-19 and the stress to their international supply chain early on. He decided to take higher-level action and made the tough decision to shut down operations to protect employees. They set out to make a plan, and find a way to get back to business safely.

Re/Think with Lincoln Community Playhouse

Morrie Enders knows theatre and according to him, “Theatre is about connection; that humans have a primal need for human connection and communal experience.” In a time of an international pandemic where human interaction and connection is difficult, Morrie knew that he had to find a way to bring his people back together to enjoy great community theatre again, safely.


Re/Connect the
LNK Community

We all want to reimagine living the Good Life in Lincoln. We can do that by recommitting and reinvesting.


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